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Soul Transformation Programs

Transformation is defined as:

a through or dramatic change in form or appearance

Sometimes our lives need more than just a reading to answer questions.  Sometimes we need a boost of spirit and some focused attention to clear and recharge our space.  Regain your focus and set down on your life purpose path.  It is my PASSION to help people find their life purpose, step onto a path a greater abundance in happiness, joy, love, and prosperity.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Do you feel tired of working through the same struggles over and over again?

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back?

Are you ready to let go of and release the past?

Do you need negativity to go away in your life?

Do you have a vision or a dream that you have not been able to grasp?

Are you ready to step into your purpose?

What is the process?

My CTS Soul Transformation process is a 9 part process.  My clients will have access to me as a resource, support system and tool for transformation.

  1. Communication.  Each month you will have a one-hour session to receive messages from Spirit to answer questions, bring clarity or give direction.

  2. Clearing and cleansing.  We will clear and cleanse your systems tp lighten and lift your energy.

  3. Release and detach.  Bonds and chords from the past and present are found, removed and healed.

  4. Heal your systems.  Healing is one of the most important areas.  Healing so that you can truly move forward in a healthy a loving space.

  5. Reset your acceptance and expectations.  Change what you truly accept is possible for YOU

  6. Drown your system in Divine love and worthiness.  Find and surround yourself with love. 

  7. Focus.  Get clear and certain focus on what you truly want in this life.

  8. Clear intention.  Set a clear map to that which you desire in life

  9. Action.  Set and take action each day of your life.

What will we do together?

Everyone's journey is different.  After understanding what your challenges and issues are you will be given solutions that will include as many or all of the processes I work with to resolve, repair and build your soul systems. We will:

  • Release you from the bonds of toxic relationships

  • Build your confidence and self-worth

  • Release chords to individuals, places, and experiences

  • Resolve and release past life lessons

  • Tap into your true purpose to help you 

  • Heal your energies and space

  • Clear negativity from your energies

  • Call in the masters to stand with you in life

  • Set intent and make your plans for business and life...

It takes commitment to change your life and transforming your soul.  

I have designed 3 paths where I will focus to help you to the path of love, abundance, and joy.  These paths are defined by how much time we spend together to transform your life.  This is indeed real work and for the person who wants to move their lives forward.  Not for those who wish for the road to healing Each program includes; weekly sessions with me, journaling activities, special sessions for clearing and releasing and other activities that will help you get to the next level of your life.  It is a commitment of your energy, some resources, and love & drive for yourself. 

This is for the individual who wants to make real change and reach that real transformation in their life.  

If you feel one of these programs is for you, let me know during your 1:1 reading and I will upgrade you by crediting your reading towards the price of the program.