Soul Source Bootcamp

A training course that will give access to the tools  to awaken your soul to what is possible for your life!

Wake up your SOUL and ignite your LIFE!

3 month program that will bring you closer to your Divine purpose.  Open you up to what is possible in your life.  Open your eyes to help you WAKE UP!  This 3 month SOUL BOOTCAMP has been designed to help you hone your skills and become your own personal Soul Journey Shaman™.


This program is designed to help you engage with spirit to clear, release and empower yourself.  Truly evolving your life to a space where you can accomplish anything you wish.  We all have access to the tools in spirit. Where you desire to increase your connection, enhance your spiritual talents or take on the adventure of becoming a spiritual practitioner,  this course will bring you VALUABLE tools!


Designed to help you release the conversations, people and experiences that have distracted you with negativity and pain.  The soul journey work will create a space where you can release and move forward in joy without engaging in darkness.


Over the more than 25 years of work I have helped individuals release their past pains, blocks, attachments and chords.  The tools that I have developed in the soul journey work has been pulled together from the experiences of decades of work with thousands of clients.


Open your life to what the Divine Creator had planned for you!  Access your intuition and spirit to bring them into your space as your allied force.  In short as your CHEER TEAM! Those who will help you each day as you navigate a world that may seem to be set to stop or delay you each step.  

What is the Soul Source Bootcamp?

The Soul Source Bootcamp is a program that has evolved from the more than 25 years I have worked in the community as an intuitive, life coach, and medium.  I have designed the program to help you gain access to the systems of support within and outside of yourself - that have been put in place by the Divine Spirit.  This program will help you release the darkness you may feel follows you in pursuit of your goals with a focus on releasing fears, blocks, and negativity.  Connecting you to your spiritual support system with practical tools, actions, and processes that you will be able to engage with that will change how you move forward to create abundance in your life.

We have been promised by the Divine all that we desire in universal perfection. The only thing that stands in our way is truly ourselves and all that we allow to get in the way.  Through the soul journey work, you will have access to letting go of what has stood in your way to bring you all that you have the grand potential of achieving.  You will be opened up in your personal space, developing a stronger connection to your intuition and spiritual gifts as well.  Gaining real tools to build your life in the your dreams with no limitations!  

Tap into your SOUL SOURCE

Program Outline

Month 1 - Creating a safe space | Establishing your connections to you

Module 1: Claim your space

Soul Journey Shamanism™ defined

Energy center grounding 

The discipline conversation and the universal code

Open your life to what is possible


Module 2: Establishing a safe and powerful space

Creating Your Sacred and Safe Space     

Energy flow - the affects in your life

Opening to release fear & doubt

Creating your cheer team


Module 3 - Gain access to YOURSELF

Connect to your Higher Self

Connect to your Spirit Self

Connect to your Physical Self

Connect to and clear your energy centers


Module 4 - Gain access to BEYOND yourself

Connect to the Divine 

Connect to the Angelic Realms

Connect to the Ancestors & Spirit

Connect to the Celestial Energies

Month 2 - Soul spring cleaning

Module 5: Releasing the past

Tapping into your past life drags and blockers & releasing them

Releasing your lessons and debts through forgiveness & gratitude

Letting go of those who gave us; fear, doubt, anger, hurt and pain 

Arch Angel healing tools


Module 6: Soul Deep Dive

Accessing your Akashic Records for Soul Spring Cleaning

Tools to allow you to create and sustain a powerful and positive soul space

Soul treasure mapping to create your life's mission

Assigning duties to your cheer team

Module 7: Bringing truth, joy and love into your space

Creating communication with the Divine and spirit connections to truly connect to universal love

Change how you use your space, energies and language to create love energy

Learn how to fold love and joy into your manifestation and creation focus

Month 3 - Waking up to the possibilities!

Module 8: Open Your Intuition 101: workshop

Accessing your cheer team.  

Building your consistent connection with tools to maintain and connect whenever you need to!

Create a daily conversation that will enhance your experience and help empower you!

Module 9: Abundance & Prosperity 101: workshop

Tools to create a positive and powerful conversation in you life

Create the midis touch!

Gain tools to create prosperity in ALL areas of your life

Module 10: Soul Dream Creation 101: workshop

Learn the techniques to create positive energy to support specific areas of your life.  Learn how to turn negativity into a process of release and flip into a positive and powerful outcome!

Module 11: Life manifestation 101: workshop

Create your life dreams and goals through powerful manifestation tools and processes.  

Spiritual check in techniques

Maintaining filters and protections

The program includes:

  • 11 specialized modules that include course materials, videos and audio files.

  • Access to the private student FB group.  A place where you can ask questions, engage with other course participants - past and present.

  • Weekly course coaching call.  

  • Audio meditation and lecture files each week to support your coursework

  • A workbook with course content and exercises for you to engage with

  • Access to me in email during the program for questions, guidance and support

VIP access includes one 1:1 coaching session per month

Soul Source Bootcamp

Paid in Full - $1,450

2 payments of $797

3 payments of $555


Paid in Full - $1,799

2 payments of $990

3 payments of $690

Register early and receive bonus content!

Course space limited to 20 participants

Add Soul Source Practitioner™ to your practitioner tool box!

Soul Source Practitioner Training Module

Some of my students have expressed the desire to add many of the techniques I teach to their processes as they evolve as a spiritual practitioner.  These processes have evolved from the work I have been gifted directly from the Divine and I am happy share and expand this work to help our planet heal and thrive.  For those of you who are interested I have added a 4th module specifically for those who would like to continue on to step up as a Soul Journey Shaman.  

This is an ideal program for:

  • Individuals who desire to enhance their spiritual talents;

  • Are working practitioners seeking to add more tools to their trade;

  • Individuals wanting to strengthen their connection to better support themselves; 

  • New practitioners who want to begin connecting with clients remotely; and MORE!

Module 13: Accessing client Akashic Records

Connect to your Librarian Guide

Gain tools to connect client records 

Gain techniques to help you interpret and deliver messages

Gain tools for clearing blocks, lesson energy and past life issues discovered.

Module 14: Remote work through spirit - the path of the shaman

Learn how to work remotely with clients across the globe

How to connect with energy to clear, release and balance clients 

Module 15: Finding & releasing chords, blocks and attachments

Using all bootcamp lessons to find blocks, chords and attachments for others - whether they are in front of you or on the phone!

Gain tools, exercises and activities that will help you help others

Module 16: Coaching and creating transformation for your clients

Gain real life coaching tools that will help you create transformational conversations with your clients.  

Additional - $450

What you will receive when you have completed module 4:

  • Completion certificate!  You will receive a signed certificate that celebrates the completion of this discpline.

  • Listing on my website as a certified Soul Journey Shaman™

  • The ability to host Soul Source Connection™ events and activities in your community

  • Discounts on sessions, products and programs

  • VIP access to community events

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience as a medium or spiritual practitioner for this course?

No.  This course is designed to help anyone who is looking to take their life to the next level.  Helping you yo deepen your connection to enhance your intuitive gifts.  This is a great process for those with no experience, those with great experience and all in between.

How do I access the course?

The programs are developed for ease of use and accessibility.   When enrolling in all programs you will receive: 

  • Program workbook and assignments

  • Weekly calls for support, discussion and Q&A

  • Online course content

  • Online chat and phone office hours for assistance

  • Invitation to join program private Facebook page

Will the course take a lot of time?

The program is designed to be a self paced and live flow course.  The calls are all recorded and made available for current students.  The weekly exercises will include:

  • Audio files

  • Workbook assignments

  • Journaling

  • Weekly calls

  • Some group discussion

Please 2 - 5 hours weekly, depending on your level of desired commitment.

How do I register?

Sign up is easy!  If there is a course starting within 30 days, you can register online.  Upon receipt of your registration I will contact you with your website log in instructions, course welcome& confirmation and any instructions you will need to begin the course.   If there is not a course starting in the next 30 days, you can sign-up for the course interest list and receive notification when the course opens for registration. 


The next course is planned to start:  January 16, 2021.  The course is limited to 20 participants.  Register in advance to guarantee your spot. (interest list is closed when we are building a course group)

Do I need to take the full course to take the practitioner training modules?


Can I join a course that is already in session?

Yes!  You can join a group at any time.  Although the course is set up during specific times, you can take the course at your pace.  All calls and webinars are archived for the students to review and you will have the same access to the forum and myself.

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