I am a Channel and Medium in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA).   I have more than 30 years as a practicing medium, reader, healer, and channel giving readings to thousands of individuals and groups worldwide.  I pride myself on my professionalism and ability to bring clarity, honest, and straight forward information to the clients I work with.  In my life, I have enjoyed success in such diverse fields from entertainment to more traditional corporate professions and find all these experiences have given me a deeper ability to understand and relate to my clients.  Over the years I accepted what I feel is a more powerful calling where I have been able to help others find answers to bring them closer to their life purpose.   For we are all so much happier when we are walking our true path of purpose and we are all truly deserving of abundance and joy!

Although I have experienced spiritual activities since I was a child, in the earlier years I did my work using a number of tools, starting off with a basic tarot card deck, moving to angel decks and crystals as my personal processes changed and evolved.  As we approached the 21st century and the community became more global, I began to work more with long-distance clients using email, the phone, and even web based chats.   These new environments gave me cause to explore my connection and skills to meet the needs and demands placed upon me by a new base of clients.  Listening to people on the phone desperately reaching for answers affected me deeply and made me want to be able to give clear, distinct and to the point answers.  I was very successful and highly sought out through various websites, bookstores and phone lines answering questions and doing readings every day. 

Over the years I have given tens of thousands of readings to individuals using these tools, a bit exhausting when I think about it!  It has been a pleasure to be able to take the gifts that I have been given and use them to help people find answers and clarity as they work through their lives.  As I worked in these forums I found that I was not satisfied with just reading cards and trusting that I was getting everything people wanted to know for the money and energy they invested.  I wanted to have more to offer and wasn’t sure where to begin to truly understand my own potential and how I connected through energies I tapped into. I wanted to be more than just a card reader and truly wanted to understand what it was that I was connecting to and the possibilities I had access to.  I began to sit down and work on myself.  What do I mean?  I dug deeper by working internally and asking The Divine what was expected of me.  What was my purpose and how was I to move forward and accomplish my mission?  It was a bit scary at first because I discovered some things about myself I thought I had let go of that I needed to reexamine and release.  It was a healing and empowering journey that opened me up and making me aware of the true nature of my connection and the gifts I was given access to.  It was an amazing process!!  

I experienced my own personal struggles and tragedies, suffering personal loss of loved ones - losing 3 brothers, a niece, cousins, grandparents, dear friends and so many more.  As we entered the new century I found myself facing my own mortality when I was confronted with tumors in my ovaries which halted my momentum in life.  And just as I felt I could handle no more, the 2008 financial crisis hit and both my husband and I found ourselves without work.  I found it difficult to move forward in my faith and process when I was struggling with my own personal losses and struggles.  I share this with you to provide a clear message that I understand.  I connect to my clients with humble understanding and a true desire to aid them in their goals to get answers that will help them move past whatever it is that is challenging them in this time in their lives. 

In my personal evolution I have found great pleasure in connecting with groups through lectures and workshops and working one on one with individuals through the various communication methods available in this age of technology.  As a Spiritual Life Coach I do more than give readings, I give my clients tools and answers to get them to the next step in what they are attempting to achieve.   I work through what I call the Whole Life Connection where I focus on the 5 connections of a person's full life to complete their life's purpose and give them focus on all levels.

I look forward to working with you as you connect to the possibilities of your own life.

Phone: 510-695-1192

San Francisco, Bay Area

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