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Calm in the CHAOS


Prayer is the most powerful form of connection as I have found it to be what keeps me in a space of clarity and calm when my personal existence can become chaotic.  We all are confronted with pain, confusion, doubt, anger and the many emotions that can distract us from our mission.  Prayer is that direct connection to The Divine Spirit that will love and embrace you.

Prayer is an important part of my Connecting To Spirit process and should be a part of your day if you do connect to Spirit. Below are some simple steps that may help you with building a prayer process into your daily practice.

From the Bible, we learn that:

We turn to prayer because it is the most personal way to experience God.  

God is always there to hear our prayers, receive our requests, give us comfort and to love us unconditionally.  When connected in prayer we are in our most loving state and are intuned with universal love.  It is important to make that connection as part of each day. 

When we wake in gratitude

During the day in joyous contemplation

As part of our connection to Spirit 

To energize or when seeking guidance

To connect to healing for ourselves or others

To send loving support to someone

For forgiveness

To honor and connect to our deceased loved ones in joyous remembrance

At the end of our day when releasing the day

And whenever we wish

Prayer is one of those things you can truly not do too much of!!  Below are my 6 keys to introducing a solid prayer process to your daily practice.

The keys to prayer are simple.

1.  Be in a calm and quiet space.

2.  You can read from the Bible, say a set of affirmations, do a calming and clearing meditation.  Whichever works best for you in the space that you are in at the time.

3.  Connect with the Divine with a simple connective prayer that works for you.  In time you will gain a strong and powerful connective prayer.  Until you do there is no other prayer more powerful than The Lord's Prayer.

4.  Breath calm and deep as you complete your connective prayer, be silent for at least 1 - 3 minutes so that you can feel the calm, the love and the supportive energy of the Divine.

5.  When ready speak or think your humble prayers.  

6.  When finished, close your prayer time in gratitude.  Thank the Divine and all the loving energies that have come to support you during your time of prayer.

Prayer is the most basic form of Divine communication and you don't need anything to prayer.  All you need is


love in your heart

a willingness to be truly humble

desire to make a true connection

ability to feel there is hope 

You can enhance the experience of course, here are some things that can be helpful to create a powerfully loving and energetic space.

Candles.  Candles have been a part of prayer from the very beginning.  The purpose can be different based on religion or beliefs.  For me, the candle represents the light of the Divine.  Connecting me to the light as I pray, aiding my focus and increases both the energy and intent of my prayer work.  For this reason, I use only white candles when praying.

Pictures and statues.  These would be images that create a space of light energy and connection to people such as Jesus, Mary or even angelic images.  Sometimes my clients will also have their deceased loved ones in their prayer space.  It depends on what you need.  One caution for you; prayer can be VERY powerful.  Be careful of the imagery you have in your prayer space, for you can bring in energies you may not want.

Prayer beads and rosaries.  I love working with prayer beads.  They give great assistance to the process and help with lifting your energies or vibration.  You can carry these on you to lift you throughout the day, it will also enable you to stop for a prayer boost anytime you need it.

Pray whenever you need to but don't just pray when you need something.  The Divine is an ally that you can use to help, to heal and to resolve - YES!  The Divine is also an ally of loving support ALL THE TIME.  Don't just check in when you need to pay your rent and have no money.  You'll be surprised how much your life will lift if you prayer each day!

Daily Practice

Add this process to your daily routine to help you gain focus, calm, support and hope each day.

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