Connect to Spirit

The Course!

Unlock your connection to spirit and the  beyond with Master Soul Source™ Reader & Teacher

Angel Thacker

Open and build your connection to the Divine, ascended masters, guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones...

And open your life to healing, clarity and abundant possibilities!

Do you find life can be a struggle sometimes?


Have you felt the pressures of life that may leave you feeling frustrated or without hope of what the future will bring?

Do you wish to have clarity and direction to move through challenges and difficulties?

Have you ever felt the touch of a lost loved one's hand or presence when you needed comfort or support?

Have you seen the signs of angels or soft supportive energies but haven't known what to do or how to confirm?

Have you been assured that there's hope and there are solutions out there, all we have to do is ask?  Yet, you struggle with your troubles and obstacles.

Do you desire to create a calm and connected lifestyle and haven't been able to get things started?

Are you tired of fighting through to make ends meet?

Do you ever have these thoughts?  I understand and I can relate. 

Have you felt the healing and loving support from Spirit?

Have you ever felt the presnce of Spirit?


Have you ever senced angels or other higher beings in your space when in thought or contemplation?

Have you been sick or in need of physical relief and felt the energies of healing touch you?

Have you felt messages or information spirit but weren't sure how to interpret?

Do you feel the presence of spirit or believe you have mediumship gifts and wish to explore developing those gifts?

Do you feel it's time to...

Unlock and gain a deeper connection to your intuition.  

Learn to connect, engage and tap into your support system in spirit for help and healing?

Spirit is around you!

The Divine, masters, angels, and even your loved ones.

All elements of your support system with a deep desire to help you bring abundant happiness, love, joy, health, and financial security into your life.  

I have had more than 30 years of experience as a spiritual medium and intuitive life coach.  This has given me insights into what it takes to truly walk in a space of joy and true manifestation and joy.  I have assisted clients with easing their life and igniting their dreams by introducing them to my process of connecting to spirit.  How I connected to transform my life and engage in the work as a medium.  

I want to be that catalyst of change that will transform you into a connected spiritual being that is able to manifest abundance in all areas of your life by turning on the key to connecting to spirit.  

What to expect in our work together in Connect to Spirit?

  • Be introduced to your support system... Your Spirit Posse!

  • Learn how to create and maintain your Spirit connection

  • Learn to engage your support team for loving support and relief

  • Learn about the levels of energies around you; ascended masters, archangels & angels and The Divine

  • Learn how to call the angels into your life to heal, clear and support

  • Get messages and insites from your guides 

  • Connect with lost loved ones to grieve and heal

  • Learn to call in healing and support from the angels

  • Learn to tap in when needed for advice, guidance and clarity

And - as they say...

So much more! 


My hope is to help you unlock the keys to creating the life you desire through the power of connecting.

Our  journey together will take you through 15 modules that will include:


You will learn to recognize and connect to the Divine Spirit

You will learn to secrets to self-care that will support you in body, mind and spirit

You will learn how to focus yourself in the power of light.

You will learn the power that prayer can bring to you


You will receive mind hack tools and files to help you reach your FLOW

You will receive building blocks to creating your conversations with The Divine

You will receive the tools to create a compass that will keep you in the FLOW.

You receive a dream magic tool that will help you get dream clarity.


You will receive real course materials and lesson content for study

You will receive step by step directions to guide you through the process.

Meditation will become easy and you will learn my conscious meditation process.

You will use journaling activities to support and grow your process

Module 1 

The Reason Why

Prep work and introduction to the concepts, processes, and programming you will be working through.  The first module is our preparation for transformational work; body, mind, and spirit.

Module 4 

Power of Protection

Learn techniques to create a safe and protected space around you and your living space.  

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