Spirtual Practitioner Code of Ethics

It is important to have a code of ethics in any service profession.  As a practitioner I believe that it is even more important to have an ethical code as we work so closely with our clients to help them through the issues and concerns they may be wrestling with.  I am passionate about my work and desire to help people find their way through dark and sometimes frightening turns.  The below codes of ethic are influenced and inspired by many sources that include the medical profession, other practitioners, educational institutions and my own professional experience.  Below are my code of ethics and beliefs that I live by in my work and that I teach as I work with and mentor my students.


As a practitioner

I am a professional.  I will always present myself professionally and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.


I am a positive presence in the community.  I will always work to present a positive and ethical image of holistic, new age and metaphysical workers.


I am an ethical practitioner.  I will always be aware of and practice within the laws that govern the territory in which I practice.  I will not state that I can be 100% accurate or claim skills that I do not have or am not trained in.


I am a fair practitioner.  I will apply fees that are reasonable and fair, based on my skills and experience.  I will not miss use or take advantage of clients just to keep them enaged and paying fees.


I am a confidential practitioner.  I will work with my clients with compassion and will keep their information, readings and outcomes confidential.  I will obtain their permission before using their real names and situations as examples for any purpose in my work.


I am a light worker.  I will use my gifts to work with my clients for the greater good.  I will not work to influence others, send out dark energies, work with dark forces or anything that is not for the good of all involved and or in the design of Divine order.


I am respectful individuals.  I will respect individual’s rights to refuse service and will not force unsolicited messages, directions or services on anyone.


I am a collaborator.  I will work positively with my peers and other professionals in the community to create a positive connection.  I will not work against, speak negatively or undermine other practitioners as I work with my clients. 


I am a teacher.  I confirm that my skills, education and inspirations are valid.  I will provide the highest quality of knowledge to my students.  All teachings are from my own experiences and training and that which is not I will properly cite the sources.


My core beliefs as a practitioner.

I believe in The Divine energy of God that governs all life in the universe

I believe in The Law of Attraction and walk in my life each day creating positive attraction.

I believe in reincarnation and one’s connection to their past lives.

I believe in the existence of the spiritual plain and the presence the spirits within.

I believe in the gifts of prophecy, energy centers and healing given by The Divine.

I believe in one's individual existence after that which we call death.

I believe we all have the ability to control our state of being: joy or sadness.

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