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Activate Your Life in 2020

#activatein2020 #2020ismyyear

A full system program designed to take you to new heights in the new year!

The program includes 2 full online courses that focus on creating a space for you to become what I call a life attractor.  

It's TIME to make things happen for you and those you love.  The Divine Spirit's desire and design is for each of us to have real abundance in all areas of our lives.  I want to help you bring that abundance to life in 2020 for you!

What's included:

  • Your Life Assessment Session

  • Manifest Big Love - Online Course

  • Connect to Spirit - Online Course

  • Chakra Clearing Session

  • Chakra Alignment Session

  • Cord Cutting Session

  • Attachment Release Session

  • Money/Abundance Activation Session

  • Chaos Energy Clearing

  • New Year Reading

How does it work?


First, you sign up!  Your program starts immediately upon signing up!  We will start with a 1:1 life assessment session.  I will work with you to get to the nitty-gritty of where you wish to go, what you desire to let go of and what is getting in your way.

You will have access to the course content immediately.  Though I recommend waiting until you complete your assessment session so that we can get you focused.

After your initial session, I will put the plan together on how we will work through your clearing and activation sessions.  All these are 1:1 personalized sessions that will focus on your personal needs.

When your sessions are completed you will receive a special new year reading to help you move forward.

Can I work on myself and a family member?

No.  I will be doing highly focused work for you and have made major reductions in my fees for participants, I am unable to make further discounts.  If you have a loved one that you feel would benefit from this program please encourage them to sign up.

How would I know this is for me?

It's really about what you feel is happening in your life.  Have you experienced the feeling of being blocked?  Perhaps the thought that you are unlucky sometimes?  Are you ready to let go of individuals or situations but just don't know how to work through them?  

This is for you if you are ready to make 2020 your breakthrough year!

This is a HUGE value that will clear, focus and prepare you to ignite your life for REAL!

Your Life Assessment Session - $225

Manifest Big Love - $1,764

Connect to Spirit - $5,650

Chakra Clearing Session - $225

Chakra Alignment Session- $225

Cord Cutting Session- $225

Attachment Release Session- $250

Money/Abundance Activation Session- $250

Chaos Energy Clearing- $225

New Year Reading- $250

$9,289 value

Your Cost: $799

You Save $8,490!

This is a must-do program if you are ready to make 2020 your life breakthrough year!

Limited means Limited


This is a limited time and space offer.  When the spaces are filled and time runs out I will not be opening to more participants.  This offer is the most packed offering and the best valued I have put together.  I am serious about helping you make the most out of this powerful year that is about to hit.  If you feel this is for you, register today!