Sometimes we need warm reassurance

Times are tough.  With confusion, scary news and the fear of what may come or how this will end, most people are experiencing a high level of fear and anxiety.  Many people are facing:


Concerns about employment

Possible loss of a business

Health concerns

Fear of the economy

And other distractions


I understand and am living this crisis with you. 

Angel Card Reading

An angel card reading connects to angelic energy for information. healing and loving support.  When working with angel cards I channel the information directly from the angelic realm giving answers and interpretations of the card meanings from the angels.  The angels we connect with are a combination of the angels that work with all of us, those that surround you and those that work with me. 

The angels have nothing for us but love and a desire to support us with healing and a helping hand.  Accessing their energies can give us more than just information, we can receive an energy boost and a sense of calm and hope.

I can help bring clarity, hope and relieve 

I am Angel, I'm a Channel, Medium, Angelic Healer, Soul Purpose & Life Coach and I’m here to help bring clear answers, direction and calm when you have need of support.

I have worked as a intuitive reader and healer in the community for almost 30 years and have facilitated more than 15,000 individual healing and reading sessions.  I am passionate about empowering my clients to reach for and achieve their greatest dreams and visions.  


I want to help you break the bonds of the blocks, chaos, negative chords and shadow chatter that stand in your way.  All so that you can create a harmonious and joyous life.

I am here to help you bring balance and healing to your soul so that you can manifest with focus.

A 3 card spread focused on where you are most distressed, concerned, or nervous.

Each card will come with an angelic message that speaks to the subject the card was pulled for

A summary message will be given when all cards are placed

Angel Card Reading

This is a special reading to help you with guidance and answer for that one concern of focus that you may need some support with. 

This is a 3 card spread that will be sent to you via email.  You will receive:

- picture of your 3 cards

- summary and interpretation of each individual card

- summary reading of the full spread

- 15% discount if you wish to invest in another program


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