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Activate Your Truly Abundant Life In 2020!

Are you ready to make this new year the year you truly launch your life in positivity, joy, and prosperity?  If you are I have a special offer for you!  An offer that will help you release, focus and ignite your life into an amazing space of your dreams.  This is a limited offer.  Check out the details!  

It's all about CONNECTING

"As you connect with your loved ones for support in life, you can connect with them in Spirit."

Spiritual Medium | Spiritual Teacher


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Mediumship Training

with Angel in January! 

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What does it mean to connect?
Connecting is the process of reaching outside of ourselves into Spirit. 
Whether to ask questions, gain support, receive healing or just to feel the presence of loved ones, GUIDES, and the DIVINE SPIRIT.
Each of us has access to and the ability to connect. 
All we need is to be open to what's possible and the willingness to receive without judgment or fear.
How do I know if I am able to connect?
All you need do is accept that you can.
How do I know if I have connected?
Have you ever seen a feather floating in front of you seemingly from out of nowhere?
Have you ever thought of someone and they surprisingly called or texted you?
Or even dreamed of a lost loved one?
These are all examples of signs for you from Spirit is present...  and they happen EVERY day.


What is Spiritual Awareness?


It is complicated and can be difficult to make our way in our lives each day.  Wouldn't it be great if you could reach out for help and have someone come in with answers, direction and maps to help you get to your goals and dreams faster?  

Becoming aware of your support system (or Spirit Posse) opens you up to the possibilities of tapping into them and having their support as you complete each mission, task and event in your life.


Opening you up to becoming more confident and focused in your process while giving you the power to create abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.  It's that simple!

Interviews and programs with Angel

broadcasting angel

Are you called to be a spiritual entrepreneur or have you hit a plateau in your business?
I can help you ignite and evolve your connection, build your intuition, skills and build a successful online business.


Angel will work with a small group to build skills, focus on real business acumen & processes and to help each one of her students make a shift in their business.  Group size is limited for the best attention and mentoring for each student.

Soul Transformation Retreat

A 6-day soul journey of healing, relaxation, discovery, and exploration!  Deep in the heart of the San Francisco Wine Country


“Angel truly is an Intuitive Angel.  She was able to see situations in my life over the phone and radio from across the country.  She saw that I tend to reach for relationships from people that aren’t available and become angry that they aren’t.  I had clearing and past life sessions with her to release the issues and blocks that kept me from finding the right person.  Now I am more open and have manifested a fabulous relationship.  I have NEVER been is such a wonderful relationship. 

Thank you, Angel!"



"Angel was spot on and made my life feel so much less heavy. Thank you for your presence.  You really need to take time to work with Angel!"



"Angel is right on target.  Gave me the focus and saw the job opportunities coming to me.  And pointed me to the right one. Amazing!"